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Marc Vincenz

WATERcontrol is a sampling specialist firm that was founded and established by Marc Vincenz, owner and CEO of GAS-Control GmbH, a company that has focused on gas leak detection in residential buildings for more than 20 years. After the new law for test drinking water installations for legionella was introduced customers of GAS-Control asked him if he could imagine to conceive a new business case called legionella testing for the housing industry. “You can do that, Marc”, they said even when it comes down to 90.000 samples and examinations a year. After one week of consideration he decided: “yes, I can do it. All I need is an excellent team.”

"“I founded WATERcontrol, because I am deeply convinced that drinking water sampling and analysis as mass processes need to be organized at a very high level of service and quality to get the job done properly.”

Marc Vincenz, founder and CEO of WATERcontrol AG


Email: mvincenz (at)  (add email domain, as cited in imprint)
Telephone: +49 (0)162 / 2000 - 600