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Our philosophy: water needs quality

Our goal was to establish systematic legionella samplings and analytics in residential buildings throughout the country at a very high level of quality. When we talk about quality, we mean quality of procedures, personnel and service we offer our customers.

One thing is very important for us: Even when performing 60,000 samplings a year, the single sample taking process may not suffer, because water needs quality.

Provisions for water hygiene have to be met, samplers and office personnel need to be trained, deadlines shall not be exceeded, etc. To fulfill the legal duty to have all warm water installations checked for legionella contamination for the housing industry is a demanding job.

Right from the start, we were prepared to do the job properly. We took us time, 6 months,  to organise the process chain with our partner labs. The labs we chose were not only listed and accredited for microbiological water analysis but also provided capacities of more than 100,000 water tests (sample preparation, incubation and analysis) a year.

We customized and implemented a bar code IT solution so that every single sample taken could be tracked securely. We trained our samplers thoroughly making sure that samples could be drawn correctly to prevent false-positive test results.

We put an enormous effort in our overnight-transport system with two stage cooling of the samples. We even developed a cooling device called passive cooling apparatus to ensure all samples are handled, transported and stored in the right temperature regime (as recommend by ISO 19458:2006).

We have worked with multi-lingual announcements to inform all tenants about the upcoming tests if even they don't speak German. We build up a expert team consisting of biologists, biochemist, installer and sanitary technicians to give competent advice to our clients. With us on your side your water is safe.