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Legionella in the shade of Corona: 12.000 water samples taken in Covid19-times evaluated

In the proceedings of the dominating covid19 pandemic industrial, commercial and private buildings had to be shutdown to avoid the spread of the corona virus. The German Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) warned not to neglect the health hazards coming from drinking water installations in terms of legionella growth if the facilities are out of operation for a longer period of time. We took a look at our own set of drinking water data all gathered in corona-times - with surprising results.

125 years institute for hygiene und public health of the university Bonn

On Friday, September 20th, 2019, the 125th anniversary of the institute for hygiene and public health (ihph) was celebrated in the university club Bonn. Honored was Prof. Dr. med Martin Exner who has presided the institute for more than 25 years for his outstanding achievements in the public health sector - not only in Germany but worldwide. 

All speeches were held not only by excellent experts of medicine and hygiene but by extraordinary capacities in public health research and science. The specialists all agreed in one point: to meet future challenges it will not be enough to gather and apply expert know-how, it needs meta competence as a key factor for every expert to attain good results in the tasks the "global village" presents.

It was a great honor for our board of directors to participate in a very inspiring celebration of a remarkable anniversary. The ihph ist the third oldest hygiene institute in Germany. Chapeau!


EBZ-work group Real Estate Management comes to Hanover from April 28th to 30th, 2019

The work group "Real Estate Management" is an institution of the European Education Centre (EBZ) in Bochum, where the housing industry has their vocational students trained and has employees developed in specific areas of ther profession.

The work group gives real estate companies the opportunity to show their construction projects and new residential buildings. "The tour through the housing stock" is a must for all participants. Since GAS- and WATERcontrol have their headquarters in Hanover it goes without saying that we host the first evening in the best and cosiest brew pub in Northern Germany, the Ernst August Brauhaus. 


BBA-conference on technical risks on February 7th including round table of safety experts

Safety is a high good that we take for granted. But new technologies often produce new dangers no one thought of in the first place. Dense building envelopes, walls and windows prevent sufficient air exchange. In consequence, harmful gases (toxic or explosive) such as natural gas, carbon monoxide or LPG can gather in the rooms especially when the air conditioning is turned off or out of order.

On February 7th, 2019, the educational institute Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Immobilienwirtschaft (BBA) held a conference at the Grand Hotel Esplanade in Berlin on safety topics of operator's responsibilities such as fire protection, carbon monoxide detectors, checks of gas pipes and drinking water installations for potentially pathogenic germs.

The expert panel that concluded the conference circles aorund the question whether the price for safety is too high considering the declining number of accidents.

WATERcontrol speaks about amended drinking water regulations in front of technical committee of VdW

On February 7th, 2018, the fourth revision of the German Drinking Water Directive was on the agenda of the technical committee of  VdW Niedersachsen Bremen, the professional association of housing companies located in Lower Saxony and Bremen.

WATERcontrol presented the changes in the drinking water laws that are relevant for the real estate sector.


Grundeigentum (real estate): legionella in drinking water – from first to forth amendment of the German Drinking Water Directive

Shortly before entry into force of the forth amendment of German Drinking Water laws our chief operating officer Marcus Pikarek gives a comprehensive summary in the real estate expert magazine Grundeigentum (issue 18 of 2018) outlining the development of the duty to test drinking water for legionella from its introduction in the year 2011 until today.

The article focuses an specific changes of the legal frame work that affect the housing industry considerably.


10 years duty to maintain safety on premises: the anniversary conference will be celebrated on November 21st and 22nd, 2017

The European Educational Centre (EBZ) will hold a conference on safety on (residential) premises in November 2017. Exactly 10 years ago, November 2007, the first meeting of experts on safety issues concerning residential buildings took place. In retrospect: Has the safety awareness changed significantly in the pastr decade? Where do we stand today, when it comes to safe living in our homes?


Tenants magazine AT HOME: Stadtsiedlung Heilbronn with WATERcontrol active against Legionella

In August 2016 the residential property company Stadtsiedlung Heilbronn gave us the job of legionella testing in their drinking water installations. The current issue of their resident's magazine AT HOME gives a short summary of the collaboration of our two firms to deal with the problem of potable water contaminated with legionella. The article includes a check list for house owners and tenants what they can do to minimize the risk of biofilm growth in the domestic piping system.

Dr. Marco Kollecker has joined the sales team June 1st, 2017

Since June 2017 we have a new colleague in the sales and acquisitions department: Dr. Marco Kollecker. The doctor of chemistry has gained profound experience in key account management and sales affairs at the University of Hanover where he promoted the NanoTruck-project throughout the country for many years.

In his spare time he trains fire fighter volunteers at the Lower-Saxonian Academy of Emergency and Fire Protection.

We are glad that he joined our team of sales experts.


English version of WATERcontrol website online since June 1st, 2017

Along with our first international business we completed the english translation of our  website launching it on June 1st, 2017.


Wessling & WATERcontrol: strong alliance continued for another 5 years
Successful teamwork for the saftey of our drinking water: Environmental laboratory WESSLING and sampling specialist WATERcontrol have worked together primarily on the field of legionella testing for five years. Their customers have been very satisfied with service and quality of the water examinations they offered. In March 2017, the two business partners affirmed and prolonged their excellent cooperation with a new framework agreement valid for another five years. more...
Sibel Can

Since May 2019 Sibel Can supports the executive board in commercial and strategic issues. She studied technical business administration and focuses on optimizing business processes in order to form the start-up WATERcontrol into a mature and professional enterprise.


figawa-work group water analytics goes forward: After nationwide status analysis a more detailed study on legionellae follows

The figawa-work group water analytics mandates the Institute for Hygiene and Public Health of University of Bonn (ihph) with a followup study on the occurrence of legionellae in drinking water systems. The research project shall deliver more detailed information than the prior status analysis. First results will be exspected in the end of 2017.


Facility managers want WATERcontrol

We have seen a recent tendency that professional facility managers turn to us for legionella testing in the buildings they operate for the property owner. In the beginning, we did not intend to develop that business besides the residential stock we come from. Lately, we hav change our mind. Usually, we sign contracts with big facility management firms with a great number of properties spread out over more than just one region.


One stop at the customer: the watercontrol service package

You want to focus on your core business and not spend to much time with special and marginal topics such as legionella testing of your drinking water? You don't want to deal with different installers, samplers, laboratories and heath authorities depending on where your water installations are located? You are looking for one competent partner for drinking water hygiene to do the job? Then, we have good news for you. You found us, WATERcontrol, the no. 1 sampling firm providing one high quality standard of water sampling and analysis no matter where and when we work for you.

Safety at your petrol station: drinking and auto wash water need to be checked for legionella

Petrol stations are not entirely safe places to visit. Auto tanks are filled with flammable or explosive fuel such as petrol, diesel or methane. Additionally, a petrol station is always busy with car traffic. Due to these increased risiks station operators have a strong sense for safety. Due to current studies a new hazard arises: water vapour.

Gas leak detection with GAS-Control

WATERcontrol has evolved from the "big sister" GAS-Control GmbH, a specialist for preventive gas safety checks within builidngs. GAS-Control has worked for the German housing industry for 25 years.

To detect gas leakages, even on concealed lines, the firm operates with portable gas leak detectors that pinpoint tracers of natural gas where they escape from the pipe.