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Wessling & WATERcontrol: strong alliance continued for another 5 years

Successful teamwork for the saftey of our drinking water: Environmental laboratory WESSLING and sampling specialist WATERcontrol have worked together primarily on the field of legionella testing for five years. Their customers have been very satisfied with service and quality of the water examinations they offered. In March 2017, the two business partners affirmed and prolonged their excellent cooperation with a new framework agreement valid for another five years.

Water for the human consumption may not contain potentially pathogenic microorganisms. One major risk coming from drinking water is legionella, a type of bacteria that can cause Legionnaires’ disease (or Legionellosis).

According to the German Drinking Water Directive property owners and plant operators are bliged to have their drinking water installations checked for legionella contamination in yearly intervals. 

"From the very beginning quality was essential in our cooperation. It was quite clear that the new market called for thousands of legionella tests in short amount of time. We have to control your own processes and co-operate very well with the lab to maintain a high performance standard. Wessling as an experienced environmental lab group was perfect for us.", explains Marcus Pikarek, Chief Operating Officer at WATERcontrol.

Kai Dexheimer, water expert at WESSLING Deutschland adds. "we benefited from the expertise of WATERcontrol, when it  coms to technical services to the housing industry and handling mass processes. They are really good at that. We are glad that we will continue the cooperation for at least another five years."

On the Photo on behalf of the cooperation celebration from right to left:: Julia Weßling, CEO at WESSLING, together with founder and president Dr. Erwin Weßling, WATERcontrol-COO Marcus Pikarek und key account manager Olesea Pilkevitch and Kai Dexheimer, Head of Department water at WESSLING.

One stop at the customer: the watercontrol service package

You want to focus on your core business and not spend to much time with special and marginal topics such as legionella testing of your drinking water? You don't want to deal with different installers, samplers, laboratories and heath authorities depending on where your water installations are located? You are looking for one competent partner for drinking water hygiene to do the job? Then, we have good news for you. You found us, WATERcontrol, the no. 1 sampling firm providing one high quality standard of water sampling and analysis no matter where and when we work for you.

Safety at your petrol station: drinking and auto wash water need to be checked for legionella

Petrol stations are not entirely safe places to visit. Auto tanks are filled with flammable or explosive fuel such as petrol, diesel or methane. Additionally, a petrol station is always busy with car traffic. Due to these increased risiks station operators have a strong sense for safety. Due to current studies a new hazard arises: water vapour.

Gas leak detection with GAS-Control

WATERcontrol has evolved from the "big sister" GAS-Control GmbH, a specialist for preventive gas safety checks within builidngs. GAS-Control has worked for the German housing industry for 25 years.

To detect gas leakages, even on concealed lines, the firm operates with portable gas leak detectors that pinpoint tracers of natural gas where they escape from the pipe.