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In the very beginning it was clear for us: We need capable and competent partner laboratories to do a decent job. Since 2011 we have cooperated with Bioscientia Hygiene Institute (member of the SONIC HEALTHCARE group) from Ingelheim (Rheinland-Palatinate) and with the environmental laboratory WESSLING from Altenberge (North Rhine-Westphalia).

Together, our business partners provide seven lab subsidiaries with microbiological water analysis enabling us to cover entire Germany no matter where we take water samples. It took us six months to get the mass process legionella sampling and testing going. Now, we are proud to declare: Our professional cooperation with Bioscientia and WESSLING is excellent. They just do a great job!

WESSLING is one of the leading consulting, analytical and testing companies engaged in quality, safety, environment and health. 1 400 employees offer a unique range of services under one roof.

In the beginning of our cooperation the experts at WESSLING trained our samplers and even undertook on-site inspections and sampling tests with us. It is mandatory that every sampler is integrated in the quality management system of the lab where the samples taken are finally analysed for microbiological parameters.

Every two years our office personnel (incluing trainees) visits the main laboratory in Altenberge to gain a better understanding of functions and workflows within in the lab concerning the water samples we take and deliver.

One great advantage is that our IT systems are compatible so that WESSLING gets the sample information via internet before the actual sample arrives. On the other hand, we do not have to wait for the test result in paper form, but attain it via the same web based platform as soon as the colony forming units of legionella are counted and documented in the lab IT.

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We asked Bioscientia to co-operate with us, because a cousin of our chairman of the supervisory board Infried Hobert was head of the microbiological analytics at the lab in Ingelheim when negotiations began. Christian Zinn, MD, Chief of the Hygiene Institute at Bioscientia conducted the training for our samplers himself.

Bioscientia Healthcare Group based in Ingelheim near Frankfurt, Germany, is one of Europe’s largest providers of laboratory services. In the domestic market it operates with more than 20 medical laboratories throughout Germany. Bioscientia – founded in 1970 – has built its reputation around a philosophy of medical excellence and quality leadership. Its solutions for labs – through the network of local offices and agents in many countries, enables the enterprise to assist clients with any queries they may have directly on their doorstep; just a local phone call away.

It was quite impressive for us to see a highly efficient lab organisation especially on the field of medical analytics. They really can do mass processes, we thought.

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