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WATERcontrol restarts business in June 2020 - with new enhanced safety concept

Tuesday, June 2nd, we started in the "new normal" beginning to organise drinking water sampling for our clients from the housing and commercial industries and the public sector.

We would like to take the opportunity to inform you about our new safety and hygiene measures. We believe it is essential that you can still rely on us as your competent and trustworthy service provider.

Sufficient safety in our office space has been established as follows:

Office workplaces are at least 2 m (6 feet) away from one desk to the next

Close contact to office colleagues has to be avoided.

Minimum distance of 1,5 m (4 1/2 feet) is established in the floors and staircases.

Door knobs are desinfected with sanitizer (70% alcohol) several times a day

Soap, sterilium (desinfectant) and sterilium virugard for hand washing is provided in sufficient amounts

Internal conferences and meetings shall be conducted via our VO/IP-telephone system (6 people can participate in conference mode)

Internal and external meetings are postponed until September 15th, 2020.

Subcontractors and collaboration partners have to follow specific rules to maintain a high level of health protection for our clients:

Face masks will be worn when entering the apartment / building checked for legionella.

If 3-layer vlies masks are used they have to be changed at least 4 times a working day

Close contact to tenants, landlords and facility managers has to be avoided.

Tenants need to be asked if they or the entire house has been quarantined due to Covid 19.

The samplers are obliged to keep a social distance of at leat 1,5 m (4 1/2 feet) to the inhabitants while working in the apartment.

Sampling protocols need not to be signed by the tenants to avoid direct contact.

Caution and reason are essential to keep everyone safe from a possible corona infection. Rules for safekeeping and social distancing apply in the field and in the office as well. Stay safe and healthy.

If you have further questions regarding our safety concept you can contact our COO Marcus Pikarek or our head of Sampling and Hygiene Stefanos Anastasiadis.