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After collection water samples should be delivered to the lab as soon as possible - preferably within 24 hours. If the samples are processed in the laboratory the same day (not exceedling 8 hours after collecton) it is sufficient to store and transport them in a lightproof box at ambient temperature. However is it always recommended to cool them down rapidly to prevent the multiplication of bacteria which may result in false bacterial counts.  If the time limit of 8 hours is exceeded rapid cooling of the specimens to 5 ° C  ± 3 °C is mandatory according to ISO 19458:2006. We operate with overnight shipping and a two-stage cooling procedure in order not to disrupt the regular work routine at the lab. Or do you know a lab assistant who is happy to register and handle 200 samples reaching him 20 minutes before the end of his working day?

We had to solve a big problem: To reach as many tenants and house owners as possilbe it is smart to take samples until late in the evening, when everybody is coming home from work. So, we work long hours until 8. P. M. The labs we work with usually close at 6 P. M. at the latest meaning our samples can not be delivered in time.

We needed a smart cooling system to guarantee that the samples are kept cool during transport and storage within the temperature regime the technical rules stipulate.Once water samples for bacteria are collected, they should be immediately cooled down temperatures between 2°C and 8°C to prevent the multiplication of bacteria which may result in false bacterial counts.

What did we do? We designed a steel case with precise outlets for 8 standard plastic 125 ml sample containern that could be filled with cold water (2.5 liters) to cool down the samples "on the job" after collection to ambient temperature.

Once the sample set is complete the "pre-conditioned" samples are cooled down to temperatures between 2°C and 8°C in electrical cooling units within the vehicles our samplers use.


Finally, the cooled samples are handled and shipped to our partner labs in styrofoam boxes loaded with freezer bricks underneath the cover. Our cooling system keeps the samples cool up to 48 hours until they are processed in the lab. In the lab arrival time and temperatures of the samples are recorded. Generally, we stay within the limits set by the ISO 19458. Our perfectly working cooling system allows us to work late hours in the residential building stock nationwide.

We are proud to have a unique selling point with our passive cooling apparatus (PCA). We benefit from it as well as our customers.