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Water analysis

Water samples may only be tested by registered and accredited testing laboratories (examination bodies acknowledged by German Drinking Water Directive,§ 15 Section 4) for legionella. We work with accredited testing laboratories that operate worldwide and are capable of processing 90,000 water samples per year at minimum.

In the name of our clients we commission examinations of the water samples delivered to our partner labs. As a sampling specialist we are integrated in the quality management system of the lab we co-operate with for microbiological analysis.

Water samples are cultured on a buffered charcoal yeast extract (BCYE) culture growth medium.  The number of colony forming units (CFU) detectable on the plate is counted. The limit set by german laws is 100 CFU per 100 ml drinking water. If the value of 100 CFU is exceeded the owner or plant operator of the installation where the water comes from has to carry out further investigations (on-site inspection, technical measures, etc.) to find and ideally eliminate the cause for the relevant legionella contamination. 

The culture method remains the "gold standard" for detecting Legionella from environmental sources. This technique, unfortunately, requires up to 12 days to complete, precious time that could be used to pinpoint Legionella sources and prevent additional exposures.  

We attain the test result via an web based port immediately after the analysis is completed. For our clients we give advice how to communicate with the health authorities involved.