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After introduction of the renewed drinking water directive  private and public residential property companies face a major task. GdW, the federal association of German housing and real estate enterprises, estimates that the new law for legionella testings applies to 1 million buildings of their members. That vast number has to be checked with 12 months. The newborn market called for professional firms with a logistical approach to fulfill the legal requirements within the deadlines set by the health administration. That is when companies like WATERcontrol came into play that work with standardised procedures.

We offer our services not just housing companies with condominiums block building stocks but to all real estate firms that are subject to legionella testing. Even if the sites that have to be tested are situated all over the country we promise our clients that our standard will be applied in every single drinking water installation and that the quality does not suffer.

To our clientele in the housing sector belong private and public residential property companies, private equity firms, facility management specialists and housing cooperatives.

With our partner laboratories we are capable of processing 90,000 samples and tests per year. Our IT provides a reliable, coherent and service oriented standard our clients appreciate especially when they own and/or operate more than 100 drinking water installations.

They trust us that we get the job done properly.

We thank them for their confidence.

We will not disappoint them.