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Public Sector

The public sector welcomes us with open arms. The legal oligation for legionella testing for public and municipal building with central warm water heating has already existed since 2003, meaning 8 years prior to the extention to the private sector. Therefore, specific knowledge and experience how to deal with contaminated installations has develeoped for quite a while. Public customers appreciate our service orientation and professionality.

We are very proud that we work for the Deutsche Bundestag (German Parliament). We have taken water samples there four years in a row.

Drinking water installations of public use need to be checked every year. Very often public tenders demand that the sites are not only tested for legionella but also for all other potentially pathogenic germs habitating water pipes. Additionally the water has to be tested for chemical parameters such as copper, nickel and cadmium.

The cooperation with our clients in the public sector is excellent. They value that we maintain our standard under different circumstances in our daily practice no matter if we take samples in a kindergarten, a city hall, a school or in a administration office.