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Drinking water check-ups for legionella offered to enterprises re-opening their offices

Due to covid 19 many industrial, commercial and public buildings have not been used for several months. Since the numbers of new infections with the corona virus have been going down lately companies take a shot at re-opening their businesses. If in the facilities re-opening now drinking water installations have not been in operation or have not been flushed in certain intervals water stagnation may have led to exponential growth of biofilms and - along with that - pathogenic bacteria such as pseudomonas aeruginosa and legionella in the pipes. 

We offer all firms (before re-opening) a thorough check-up of the drinking water for legionella and other pathogenic germs to attractive conditions. Do not hesitate to ask us. We work for German industries as well as for Anglo-American companies from commercial and industrial branches that run subsidiaries in Germany.


The Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Youth, Family and Seniors of Schleswig-Holstein (German state) informs about the hazard arising from in pipes stagnating water for the health of humans using the drinking water. If a building is out of operation for quite a while the good quality of the drinking water provided by the utilities company is not guaranteed anymore. It may lead to a higher risk of infections with legionella that grow in warm stagnation water perfectly well.

The ministry recommends microbiological tests of the potable water before the building goes in operation again.

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Microorganisms need a certain amount of time with suitable environmental conditions to grow and flourish. This is the case in parts of the drinking water installations that contain stagnating water or where the water flow is not sufficient enough.

Higher temperatures from the surrounding walls and stagnating water promote the growth of cell cultures and biofilms in the piping system. The growing rate is relatively slow since the availability of sufficient nutrients is low but still the factor time sets in and in the biofilms significant numbers of legionella bacteria can form posing a latent infection risk. 


We offer all firms and institutions a thorough check-up of their drinking water installations in respect to microbial and/or chemical contaminations of the potable water. We charge a flat rate per water sample - without hidden costs.

Just contact us via email or telephone. We are glad to help you to regain the quality of drinking water you deserve: clear, healthy and free of (pathogenic) germs.