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The enterprise WATERcontrol

WATERcontrol specializes in water sample taking from house installations for chemical and bacteriological testing. Nationwide, we carry out standardised systematic water sampling and analysis for customers (landlords, house owners, plant operators, employers) who are - according to the drinking water directive - legally obliged to have their central drinking water and heating systems tested for legionella bacteria.

High quality is essential for us. Therefore, we take and process all water samples with own certified and experienced personnel.  All samples are examined for legionella contamination in accredited laboratories we cooperate with on a long-term basis. Our quality management systems are perfectly adjusted to legionella tests in large scales meaning up to 60.000 samples and examinations per year.

We use a bar code based software solution that ensures that every single water sample is registered and can not be lost or confused with other samples taken in the same set.

For storage and transport of the samples to our partner lab we developed a two-stage cooling system. After sample taking the hot water is rapidly cooled down in a steel box filled with destilled cold water to ambient temperature. The apparatus provides room for 8 standard 125 ml sample containers. After the set of samples is completed the samples are further cooled to temperatures between 2 to 8 ° C as demanded by the ISO-standard 19458:2006 water sampling for microbiological analysis.

What do we offer?

combined expertise
In our team of experts all skills required to do an excellent job at legionella testing are combined: hygienic, technical, legal, IT, service and organisational know-how 
global overview
Especially owners and operators with a great amount of drinking water installations spread out all over the region or even country appreciate our QM-based procedures, standardised documentation and high service level. Our systematic approach allows the customer to gain a precise, global and valid overview of all objects tested for legionella in a short amount of time.
Reducing your work
If you let us we take the burden of bureaucracy on our shoulders. We inform your tenants about upcoming samplings, report test results to the authorities, organize appointments with tenants failed to attend on scheduled dates, etc.