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Who our customers are

Our clients come from the housing industry (residential property companies, facility management firms, real estate fonds, etc.), the public sector (institutions, authorities and facilities of public use), industrial enterprises and the church. They all fulfill legal obligations stemming from different sources: The German drinking water directive, labour protection laws and the legal duty for house owners to maintain safety on their premises.

The legal aim still is the same: Drinking water shall not harm the people who get in contact with it. And that is the cause if it contains relevant concentrations of pathogenic germs such as legionella.

We do the job of legionella testing for companies and institutions that are legally obliged to have their drinking water installations checked for legionella. A few customers go beyond the legal frame work in accordance with their own technical risk management. That approach could be described as damage or liability prevention.

Legal requirements for legionella tests are that you operate a large-scale plant for water heating with a storage tank of more than 400 liters volume. Also note that you the installation is subject to testing only if the drinking water is vaporised (showers, hot tubs, sprinklers, etc.) at any point in the piping system.

To maintain drinking water hygiene you should abide by the technical rule W 551 issued by the DVGW (German technical-scientific association for gas and water). It demands yearly legionella tests if the facility is of public use. If the drinking water installation provides hot water for merely commercial purposes (for instance, in residential buildings), then samplings and testings have to be performed in 3-year-intervals.