Our clients come from the real estate and construction industry, the public sector, the industrial sector, and the church. They all fulfill their duty to prevent or mitigate health hazards arising from microbiologically or chemically contaminated drinking water.They all fulfill their legal obligations. The obligation to investigate Legionella according to the Drinking Water Ordinance, the duty of care in accordance with § 823 of the German Civil Code (BGB), or the duty of care as an employer according to the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Operational Safety Act. They all act responsibly. In the year 2023 we hold 12,500 drinking water installations under contract for legionella testing.

We enjoy sampling complete inventories of inspection-required facilities. Due to our standardized and systematic approach, this is advantageous for many facility operators as they only need to adapt to one “system.” For us, it is worthwhile to capture relevant inventory data through on-site inspections only if the sampling contract reaches a certain sample volume. As a result, we rarely work for amateur landlords and smaller companies. We generally decline individual orders.

Legionella project 2015

CBRE has been client since 2015, we are preferred supplier since 2017.

contract with Charlotte

Framework agreement with Charlotte since 2012, 70 TWA.

Deutscher Bundestag truts WATERcontrol

Deutscher Bundestag has been client since 2013. We won 3 tenders.

Covivio with 17.500 rental units awards contract

assignment for legionella testing in entire housing stock in 2021.

Dawonia is biggest customer.

Bidding in 2019 won over 9.000 samples per year .


First sample taken for Kleefeld-Buchholz on April 12th, 2012.

Wohnbau Lemgo

Wohnbau Lemgo was first customer from OWL.


HWS, client since 2013, consents to photo session on their premises in Berlin.

Robert Bosch Wohnen

Robert Bosch Wohnen was first client from Baden-Württemberg.

Familienheim Pforzheim

Familienheim Pforzheim is client since 2023. 100 TWA

GWG Gruppe

Framework agreement with GWG group in 2022, pilot 2019.

Gartenstadt Hamburg

Gartenstadt Hamburg is customer from the very beginning in 2012.


KSG carries out legionella testing with us in all residential buildings.


WSB Bayern is second biggest bavarian customer.


Wohn+Stadtbau Münster is biggest municipal client.

Maior Domus

In 2016, Maior Domus becomes the first property management customer from Berlin.


Framework agreement with DeWAG for many nationwide managed funds.

bwv is double client.

bwv conducts legionella testing with us since 2019. 76 TWA


JCI has been client since 2014.

Property manager from Hannover

The property manager from Hannover has been working with us since 2018.

G&H Minden

G&H Minden works with us since 2019.

Erzbistum Köln

We have had a framework agreement with the Archdiocese of Cologne since 2013 for a partial portfolio.

LH München

Drinking water project for State capital of Munich from 2013 to 2015.


ZBI is latest client, legionella testing has not been carried out yet.


Sahle Wohnen was at the beginning of 2013 first major customer.

TRV-framework agreement

TRV entered into a framework agreement with us in 2016. Volume: 30 TWA


EVM is client since 2023.


Märkische Heimat has been a customer since 2019.

Erzbistum Hamburg

The Archdiocese of Hamburg is having properties on Föhr and Sylt sampled.


Sampling of senior homes has been conducted since 2019 for vhw (housing association).


Sozialbau Kempten has been conducting the sampling of their entire portfolio with us since 2019.


BGW has been having over 300 TWA sampled by us since 2016.

Gartenstadt Luginsland

Gartenstadt Luginsland has been a customer since 2012.


Meyerdierks was the first property management customer in 2012.

Cisco Systems

The German Cisco locations have been sampled by us since 2020.


Munte works with us and the competition.


The installations at Rummelsberg are sampled annually.


SWD is client since 2013. We had a presence with them at ARGE Düsseldorf.

Schwelmer & Soziales

Schwelmer & Soziales is business partner since 2012.


Individual markets in Hamburg and Harburg are being sampled.

Stadtbau Pforzheim

Stadtbau Pforzheim has been conducting Legionella testing with us since 2022.

TAG Wohnen

TAG Wohnen has us sample partial portfolios.

Gartenstadt Karlsruhe

Gartenstadt Karlsruhe became our first customer in Baden-Württemberg in 2012.


TWG is a new customer since mid-2023, and the contract is currently being executed.


VBV allowed us to conduct the first photo session in their portfolio in 2013.


In 2014, Vonovia entrusted us with the sampling of 800 TWA after an M&A action.

WBG Solidarität

WBG Solidarität is customer since 2015.


We sample all wework offices in Germany.

Wiederaufbau eG

Wiederaufbau was the largest housing industry customer in 2013.


The only customer from Saarland.

Wohnbau Wernau

Wohnbau Wernau gave a lecture in 2016 about their cooperation with us.


Sampling of gas stations for RKS (company name) has been conducted since 2019.


ASW (company name) has been entrusting us with the sampling of their entire portfolio since 2013.

Aufbaugemeinschaft Espelkamp

Aufbaugemeinschaft Espelkamp is client since 2019.

B&S Bünde

B&S Bünde, our customer since 2016, ditched competitor for breach of contract.

Baum Gruppe

The Baum group from Hannover has been a customer since 2013.

Berliner Häuser

Berliner Häuser has been a long-standing customer in Berlin.

BG Esslingen

G Esslingen conducts Legionella testing with us.

Neues Heim

NNeues Heim was one of the first customers from Stuttgart.

Bietigheimer Wohnbau

The Bietigheimer company conducts all Legionella tests with us.

Birkenfeld eG

Birkenfeld eG is our smallest customer.

Bruhn Immobilien

Bruhn Immobilien has entrusted us with Legionella testing since 2015.

Bau- und Heimstättenverein

Bau- und Heimstättenverein Stuttgart has been customer since 2012.

Bauverein Kassel

Bauverein zu Kassel has been having sampling done by us since 2012.