WATERcontrol AG specializes in taking water samples from drinking water installations in residential buildings or industrial facilities and conducting microbiological and chemical analysis on the collected samples to detect any contamination. We conduct nationwide comprehensive and systematic water sampling and analysis for facility operators who are required to have their central hot water supply systems tested in accordance with the Drinking Water Ordinance. We are a sampling service provider, project manager, and caretaker – to relieve the facility operator of their responsibilities.

We value high-quality standards. Therefore, water samples are exclusively taken and transported by personnel trained and certified in hygiene and sensorics. In the field of water analysis, we collaborate with nationally operating accredited testing laboratories. Our quality management systems are tailored to the requirements of organized mass processes. For data management, we use a self-developed, barcode-based software solution that ensures each sample is uniquely recorded and can be associated with the corresponding inspected facility at any time. The risk of sample mix-up is thus eliminated.

We have developed a two-stage cooling system for the transport of microbiological samples to our laboratory partner to reach the temperature range required by DIN EN ISO 19458 as quickly as possible. This ensures that our customers receive accurate test results without any external influences that could distort the findings.

We maintain continuous communication with public health authorities, professional associations, and the Federal Environment Agency to promptly incorporate new technical and legal requirements into our services. We are happy to act as an intermediary for facility operators in dealing with critical findings. It is advantageous for us that our expert team combines technical, legal, and hygienic expertise. We ensure safety in your portfolio.

We commit ourselves to professionalism, impartiality, and confidentiality in our services.