Do you want to focus on your core processes and completely outsource peripheral tasks such as legionella testing? Do you want to avoid dealing individually with the plumber, sample collector, laboratory, and health department, and instead have a single point of contact for all water testing matters? You also don’t want different service providers for different regions, but rather a standardized approach regardless of the location of your residential properties? Then you’ve come to the right place with us.

You enter into a project management contract with WATERcontrol, and we take care of all Legionella tests in your portfolio. Whether it’s orientating, comprehensive, or follow-up testing, we offer our service at a fair and transparent price per facility and sample, “all-inclusive.”

From maintaining inventory data and identifying your facilities subject to testing, to planning and conducting comprehensive property inspections, determining and establishing suitable sampling points, collecting water samples with proper storage and transportation to our collaborating testing laboratory, and ensuring legally compliant, database-supported documentation of sampling and test results – we offer all services from a single source.

We offer all laboratory services including sample collection, sample handling, incubation, and analysis. You have only one point of contact. We collaborate with nationally or globally operating accredited testing laboratories to perform water sample analysis.

Before we can begin, suitable taps must be installed at the hot water storage tanks, specifically: one tap on the hot water line (outlet of the water heater) and one tap on the circulation line (return of the water heater). We do not carry out the necessary installation work ourselves, but we can arrange competent specialist companies upon request, which can handle this task, even in larger properties.

The findings will be provided in a clear presentation, examination results will be explained, and corresponding consumer information will be posted in the affected buildings. We are happy to handle all communication with the health authorities on your behalf. We monitor and ensure compliance with all ongoing deadlines related to your drinking water systems.