“I founded WATERcontrol because I firmly believe that the mass process of drinking water analysis needs to be organized with quality.”

Marc Vincenz, Founder and CEO of WATERcontrol AG

WATERcontrol is a sampling company that was established by the owner and founder of GAS-Control GmbH, Marc Vincenz, in mid-2011 after the new obligation for Legionella testing for owners of multi-family houses became known. The business case and market appeared interesting to him from the beginning as he was approached by several existing GAS-Control customers, asking if he would like to participate in Legionella testing. Quote: “We trust you to do it.” The team of the first hour includes both long-time companions and industry-experienced colleagues, as well as new employees. Marc Vincenz is a founder, entrepreneur, and visionary all in one.

“Clean and hygienically safe drinking water is important for all of us. Therefore, systems and pipelines need to be regularly inspected.”

Marcus Pikarek, Attorney at Law and Board Member, WATERcontrol AG

The trained lawyer is a board member and co-founder of WATERcontrol AG. He is responsible for key account management, personnel and legal matters, as well as association work in the housing and water industries, among other responsibilities. Thanks to his extensive industry experience in project management and his excellent IT skills, he has been able to contribute to the development of the “Legionella testing” mass process right from the start. The business relationships with our laboratory partners primarily run through him.

“Whoever always does what they can already do, will always remain what they already are.” – Henry Ford Continuous adaptation to market conditions ensures our quality and thus the satisfaction of our business partners.

Julia Bückle, authorized representative and head of the internal services department, WATERcontrol AG.

Since April 2021, our former internal services manager has returned to her position. Julia Bückle is returning to WATERcontrol after expanding her skills in personnel management and project management in larger companies. In addition to leading the internal services department, Ms. Bückle will also be responsible for quality management. We are excited to collaborate with a colleague who played a significant role in shaping our business case almost ten years ago.

“The quality of analysis depends on the quality of the sampling.”

Stefanos Anastasiadis, authorized representative and head of hygiene and sampling, WATERcontrol AG.

Stefanos Anastasiadis has been a valuable member of our hygiene and sampling team since September 2013, and he has been leading the department since the end of 2014. The studied biologist is responsible for the support of public health authorities and sample collectors. He also provides assistance and guidance to customers regarding hygiene-related matters. His practical approach demonstrates that, in addition to his academic background, he has learned the practical aspects of dealing with scientific questions as a Biological Technical Assistant from the ground up. Additionally, he supports the Transport & Logistics department.

“Efficient planning and action are our solution for the mass process.”

Thorsten Kasten, authorized representative and sales manager, WATERcontrol AG.

Thorsten Kasten has been a valuable addition to our WATERcontrol team since September 2018. As a Key Account Manager, he is responsible for providing personal consultation to our customers and business partners. He is dedicated to overseeing the entire testing process, from A to Z, with a particular focus on our major clients. We particularly appreciate his consistently reliable and confident demeanor when interacting with our clients and prospects.

“A good advance planning is crucial for a functioning sampling process.”

Ann-Christin Eckert, Planning Manager, WATERcontrol AG.

Since February 2017, Ann-Christin Eckert has joined the Planning and Scheduling department as a new colleague. The trained wholesale and foreign trade merchant complements our planning team with her well-structured and meticulous work approach in an excellent manner. Our “Nordlicht” (term used for people from Northern Germany) is highly appreciated by the entire team for her open and warm-hearted nature. Since July 1, 2023, she has been leading the department.

“Conducting drinking water analysis as a mass process requires high-level deadline management!”
We provide our services nationwide, ensuring timely and efficient delivery. We intend to keep it that way!”

Maik Pietschmann, stellv. substitute planning manager, WATERcontrol AG

Die Planung der Objektbegehungen übernimmt Maik Pietschmann, der auf achtzehn Jahre Branchenerfahrung zurückgreifen kann. For several years, he served as the central point of contact for our project partner, Cadnet Datenlogistik GmbH, contributing to the development of the enterprise software Worknet II. In addition to his planning responsibilities, he evaluates and optimizes our enterprise software in constant dialogue with the IT department. Setting up and managing computer-aided inspection documentation is also part of his responsibilities.

“Sophisticated sampling logistics and comprehensive employee training are the foundation for maintaining a high level of professional quality in our work.”

Kevin Salzer, Head of Sampling, WATERcontrol AG

Kevin Salzer has been enriching our management team since September 2022. As a chemical-technical assistant and Head of Sampling, one of his responsibilities includes instructing, training, and auditing internal and external sample collectors. He is also responsible for monitoring the inventory of equipment and testing materials.

“My daily motivation is not only to acquire new customers but also to convince them of our qualities.”

Fabian König, Head of Acquisitions, WATERcontrol AG.

Fabian König joined WATERcontrol from GAS-Control on February 1, 2023. The sales specialist with pronounced IT expertise will focus primarily on acquiring new customers. In addition to customer and partner management, he will also be involved in special projects related to IT.

“Water pipes contaminated with bacteria or pollutants pose a serious threat to our health. “WATERcontrol contributes significantly to sustainable health care with highly efficient drinking water analysis.”

Dr. med. Ingfried Hobert, environmental physician and Chairman of the Supervisory Board, WATERcontrol AG.

Dr. med. Ingfried Hobert serves as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board at WATERcontrol AG and has been friends and business associates with company founder Marc Vincenz for many years. Since 2001, he has been the Chairman of the Advisory Board of GAS-Control GmbH, the “sister company” of WATERcontrol AG. As an environmental physician and recognized expert, he willingly contributes his expertise, experience, and network to WATERcontrol AG, particularly in cooperation and communication with public health authorities and testing laboratories. Furthermore, he provides advisory support to the management board.

Dr. Ingfried Hobert