On November 1, 1993, Marc Vincenz founded GAS-Control as a sole proprietorship based in Steinhude. 30 years later, GAS-Control GmbH employs more than 40 full-time employees, collaborates with over 20 independent gas inspectors, and generates an annual revenue of more than 3 million EUR. The younger sister company WATERcontrol extends heartfelt congratulations on the 30th anniversary of the firm and to this remarkable success story.

Today, a delegation from WATERcontrol presented these beautiful helium balloons to Jana Franke, the authorized representative of GAS-Control GmbH and daughter of the company owner Marc Vincenz, who is celebrating the anniversary at the overseas office in Gran Canaria.

The milestone birthday will be appropriately celebrated during this year’s Christmas party on December 16, 2023, with 100 invited guests.

The founder of the company, Marc Vincenz, had the business idea of ​​testing gas pipelines for leaks. This was prompted by significant gas leaks in a multi-family house belonging to his grandfather, which, despite repeated complaints from the affected tenant, went unnoticed by the gas and water installer. He subsequently commissioned an engineering firm to develop a portable gas detection device capable of locating the smallest leaks in low-pressure pipelines.

The company GAS-Control originally consisted of five employees and was exclusively specialized in detecting leaks in gas pipelines from the very beginning – as a complement to the existing gas and water installation trade. he specialization in leak testing and the clear focus on the needs of residential housing led to a continuous expansion of the company.

Today, the company employs 40 full-time employees with an annual revenue exceeding 3 million euros. Gas installations from Sylt to Friedrichshafen on the ground are inspected for gas leaks.

And the next generation of the Vincenz entrepreneurial family is already working in the company. “Entrepreneurship just runs in our blood,” says Jana Franke, who, fresh from university, enthusiastically supports her father in the management with new ideas.

In 2011, when Legionella testing – surprisingly for the real estate industry – became mandatory, GAS-Control’s largest client approached Marc Vincenz with a serious inquiry, asking if he would be interested in offering Legionella water testing services for multi-story residential buildings. The large contract would then be immediately available. Quote: “We trust you to handle this.”

Marc Vincenz didn’t hesitate for long, as he preferred having an implementation problem rather than an acquisition problem. The idea for WATERcontrol was born. And so, in September 2011, the little sister was founded, and the business case of GAS-Control was largely copied.

In the first three years, WATERcontrol still heavily relied on personnel resources as well as hardware and software from GAS-Control, but gradually emancipated itself as an independently operating entity in the market.

The fundamental idea of the 1:1 adaptation of the business model was extensively described as a trust-building measure for GAS-Control customers and other residential housing stakeholders in the first short informational brochure, as can be easily seen in this excerpt.

In its 13th year of operation, the younger sister company, WATERcontrol, extends heartfelt congratulations to GAS-Control GmbH for its achievements over the past 30 years and wishes them much success and all the best for the next 30 years.

Further information about our subisidiary company GAS-Control GmbH are available under www.gas-control.de